Welcome to Owls and the start of your child’s learning journey within our school. Prior to the children starting school we begin to liaise with parents and carers as we develop a partnership which is built on throughout the time the children spend with us. We value the partnership we establish and the role this plays in supporting the children during their time in school.

It is our main priority that all the children in our setting are always happy and feel safe. We provide carefully planned activities to enable children to fulfil the requirements of the Early Years Curriculum. Activities to develop their phonics and early reading skills are delivered daily as we believe these form the main base for future learning opportunities.

Our Early Years Team provide fun, challenging activities to engage all the children and ensure that everyone meets their full potential and beyond. We consider prior learning and interests of the children within our class when planning our termly topics. Opportunities are provided to work within small groups as well as individually to complete activities.

 We are fortunate to have a large woodland area which is used regularly allowing the children to explore the great outdoors whilst often initiating their own learning. This provides them with opportunities to work together and develop their social skills.

It is a privilege to watch your children flourish and develop their own personalities over their time in Owls Class. Our aim is to ensure that they are confident and well prepared for the next step of education within our caring school.

Class teachers

Mrs Owen

Miss Johnson

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) framework sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to 5. We are an early adopter school of the new EYFS framework – read more here.

Curriculum Information


Autumn 2 2022 – Let’s Celebrate

Autumn 1 2022 – Marvellous Me!


Summer 2 2022 We’re all going on a Summer Holiday

Summer 1 2022 Food, Glorious Food!

Spring 2 2022 Watch us Grow!

Spring 1 2022 Winter

Autumn 1 2021 It’s Good to be Me!

Autumn 2 2021 Kipper’s Birthday


Autumn 1 2019 – Getting to know you

Autumn 2 2019 – People who help us and Celebrations

Spring 1 2020 – Winter, Frozen and the Gruffalo’s Child

Spring 2 2020 – The Three Little Pigs and Easter


Autumn 1 2020 – Marvellous Me

Autumn 2  2020 –  Celebrations

Spring 1 2021 Toys and Winter

Spring 2 2021 Rhymes and Stories

Summer 1 2021 Watch Me Grow

Summer 2 2021 Let’s Travel the World

Spring 2 – 2021 – Rhymes and Stories

Nursery Rhymes and The Gingerbread Man

This term we use rhymes and a traditional story to develop our communication and storytelling.

This leads onto Easter, sharing the Easter story and how we celebrate.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development

We are learning to:

We will be focusing on taking turns and working together to complete tasks.

During our Relax Kids sessions we listen and think about ways to manage our feelings

We are learning to:

We will be retelling stories and events and answering questions to clarify our understanding using well formed sentences

We are learning to:

We will be  continuing to develop our gross motor and fine motor skills this term.

We will look at the way we use one handed tools, including the use of cutlery.


We are learning to:

This term we are continuing to develop our ability to  recognise a number of objects without counting them, known as subitising. We will also be  finding different ways to make a number . We will also be looking at 3D shapes and making patterns.

Nursery are focusing on comparing quantities .


We are learning to:

We will use our phonic knowledge to write and read short sentences. We will retell events in a story and make our own Easter cards.

Nursery will continue to learn initial sounds and make their own marks forming some letters correctly

Understanding of the World and Creative

We are learning to

We will be finding out about the past in the rhymes we are learning, discussing how things are different.

We will be planting our own seeds and looking at how materials change by making Gingerbread men.

We will be using different  media to create pictures. We will use  a simple sewing stitch to  make our own Gingerbread Men.  We will use props and puppets to retell rhymes and stories.

How you can help at home

  • Encouraging your child to get dressed by themselves
  • Using scissors and other one handed tools
  • Learning nursery rhymes and songs
  • Sharing books and stories and talking about the content
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