We want our children to love Geography.  In Geography, the National Curriculum is followed and used as a model to ensure effective progress through each key stage. Topics are carefully linked to the literacy text for each half term.

In this subject, the children’s geographical knowledge will be increased by learning about the location of globally significant places and understanding the processes of key physical and human geographical features of the world, along with how they bring variation and change overtime.

The children’s curiosity and fascination of the world and its people will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Opportunities for investigating places around the world and the local area will be provided. The children’s geographical vocabulary will be developed as well as map skills and geographical facts which provide opportunities for consolidation, challenge, and variety to ensure an interest and progress in the subject.


To enable children at Hutchinson First School to develop their skills and knowledge:

  • Engaging lessons will be planned that interest and inspire the children to develop their thinking and decision making to help build their future learning.
  • In order to support children in their ability to know more and remember more, there are regular opportunities to review the learning that has taken place in previous topics as well as previous lessons.
  • At the start of each topic, children will review previous learning and will have the opportunity to share what they already know about the current topic.
  • We plan for the effective use of educational visits and visitors to enrich and enhance the children’s learning experience and the Geography Curriculum.
  • Children will be encouraged to ask and answer their own questions influencing what they want to find out about the topic being covered.
  • Geographical skills will develop throughout the school and revisited to help build on prior knowledge alongside introducing new skills and knowledge.
  • Children will be given a range of opportunities to experience geography through practical engaging tasks.
  • A variety of relevant and inspirational resources will be used to be able to develop simple fieldwork and observational skills.
  • Lessons will cater for and include all children allowing them to access the curriculum.
  • A well-planned and sequenced curriculum that prepares the children for a smooth transition in line with the curriculum delivered at the Middle Schools the children move on to as they continue their education.


The impact of this curriculum design will lead to children being able to:

  • Become enthusiastic Geographers with a love of Geography.
  • Use geographical vocabulary accurately and develop an understanding of the different strands of geography, with a deeper understanding of key physical and human processes.
  • Ask relevant questions by being engaged in hands on learning.
  • Make links from geography to other curriculum subjects, such as history and science.
  • Develop their skills of enquiry and inquisitiveness about the world around them, and their impact on the world.
  • Be competent in collecting, analysing, and communicating a range of data gathered.
  • Speak confidently about their geographical learning, skills, and knowledge.