Our Acts of Collective Worship

The daily act of Christian collective worship plays a central role in the life and work at Hutchinson Memorial First School. It provides us with valuable opportunities to reaffirm our explicitly Christian values and ethos. It offers important opportunities to strengthen our sense of community, belonging and inclusiveness and to reinforce the respect and care we have for each other. Through collective worship we make a significant contribution to the religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of those present.

Each Wednesday, we worship through song, led by a member of the church community, who is also a Foundation Governor. Every other Friday, we worship in Church. This worship is led by either the Vicar or a member of the church community. Parents are welcome to join us.

Each year we hold a Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Leaver’s Service in St Mary’s and All Saints’ Church. These services are led by the children with input from the local church. Parents are very welcome to join us for these important events in the school year.

Our school environment

Around the school, there are clearly displayed Christian symbols that encapsulate our school.

Each classroom has an area for Christian spiritual reflection.

Our school hall, where we meet for Worship has a display and artefacts such as candles used to aid worship.

Our School Prayer:

Dear God,

I’ve come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family

And all of the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night,

And in the morning send your light.