At the front of the school hall next to our worship table sits our prayer tree. It is not only a focal point for our school but also it provides a reflective space to encourage calming thoughts and quiet time with God. Throughout religious festivals of the church we decorate the tree with prayers, Biblical verses, poems and art which the children have made in order to celebrate their achievements and to give thanks to God. The tree is decorated by the children and the children take great pride in it and pleasure in seeing their work displayed on it.


At Harvest, we invited the children and their families to make sunflowers to decorate the tree.  The children loved bringing them into school and hanging them on our prayer tree.  It was a lovely opportunity for the children to engage in an activity at home which they could use to contribute to our worship in school. 


We have a special Remembrance Tree in our Hall which some of our children have made poppies to hang on the tree.  When doing so, the children were invited to either say a  short prayer of their own or take a moment of reflection.