Reception – September 2024

Apply online for Reception September 2024 here

If your child’s fifth birthday is between 1 September 2024 and 31 August 2025 then you will need to apply for a reception place at a first, infant or primary school in readiness to start in September 2024.

If your child is in Year 4 at a first school in September 2023 you will need to apply for a place at middle school. 

View our Reception 23-24 Admission Arrangements here.

For Nursery Admissions, please click here.

The table below gives more information on when your child is eligible to join the nursery or reception classes and when they will move on to middle school.

Date of birthStart ReceptionStart Middle School
1st Sep 2018 – 31st Aug 2019September 2023September 2028
1st Sep 2019 – 31st Aug 2020September 2024September 2029
1st Sep 2020 – 31st Aug 2021September 2025September 2030
1st Sep 2021 – 31st Aug 2022September 2026September 2031

Timetable for Admissions to First and Middle Schools for Enrolment in September 2024

1st November 2023Applications for reception and middle school open
15th January 2024Applications for reception and middle school close
16th April 2024National Offer Day