We believe that it is important to light the spark and encourage all of our children to develop a life-long love of reading!

Children will have opportunities throughout the school week to ‘read for pleasure’. They are welcome to bring in their own books from home or borrow them from their class libraries.


High quality phonics teaching is delivered daily within EYFS and Key Stage 1 using the Twinkl Phonics programme as a teaching tool.  We begin early phonics, Phase 1 with our Nursery children. Children are given the opportunity to use these in free writing, literacy lessons and across the broader curriculum.


We aim for all children to read fluently and show an understanding of what they have read. Reading takes place daily in many ways, including guided reading sessions, sharing class texts and end of day stories. Children are given opportunities to read for pleasure using age appropriate texts in a range of genres. Children participate in sponsored reading events to promote a love of reading at home too. Reading skills are developed from an early age so children understand what they are reading and why.

We use the Collins Big Cat reading scheme, which is a whole-school programme that provides complete support for primary reading. It delivers effective phonics with fully decodable books, expertly aligned to Letter and Sounds and encourages children to foster a love of reading.

Reading Progression of Skills – read here